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How to repair stucco the right way

There are many things that can go wrong when repairing work you have to do on your stucco. Most repairs that are made to stucco will need professional contractors and expensive procedures, yet it is important to know what the right way to repair stucco. Repairing stucco can be performed by any homeowner with a little help from the Internet and a small amount of knowledge about construction. Each repair will require different methods and different parts and materials. In this article we will show you the different aspects of stucco repairs and how to repair them.

Choosing the Right Materials

Your first step will be determining the right materials to use for your stucco repairs. You can get any of the available materials at your local home improvement store. You may even want to visit a big box store and inquire about the availability of different materials. Many times you can find what you need at the big box stores.

There are a couple of different repair options when it comes to stucco repairs. Surface treatments and those being water-resistant are the most common. After determining the type of repair you will need, next will be to determine surface preparation and filler. Preparation consists of applying bonding, sand, jailAfter applying bonding, smooth and clean the surface where repairs need to be made.

Surface Treatments consist of a few different methods. It depends on your surface to determine what type of filler to use. If you are only repairing a small area, you can start and finish the repairs with a two-part epoxy. Apply the epoxy to the area being repaired, peel and smooth the surface and smooth off any bubbles. Being patient will give you a nicer finish then if you do not.

Stucco Repair Colorado Springs should not be done to a large area; the area should be small enough to see and repair with ease. If the area to be repaired does not hit any other openings, check for damaged flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights and other openings that will cause you to need repairs.


There are a few parts contribute to wear and tear in your stucco. The first part you need to worry about is flashing and the other parts are soap plate, James Hardie Styrofoam and insulation. James Hardie Styrofoam is the most common for home and building projects. The insulation is what helps retain in heat and what keeps the heat out. Wooden sections need to be Mechanical ventilation which will take water away from the stucco.

There are specialized tools made especially for stucco repair. The basic tools that anyone would need to accomplish stucco repairs are towels, paper towels, tools such as paintbrushes, paintbrushes, putty knives, small saws and hammers.

The most important thing to remember is to read the directions from the job you have purchased these materials for. It is safer to use and old piece of paper rather than purchasing a new one. You may end up using it again in your repairs so it’s worth it to keep it in one piece.…

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