Wood Floors – Easy Maintenance Tips

To preserve the color and splendor of your wood flooring we recommend that maintenance be performed regularly. A regular oiling schedule will ensure protection of your floor.

Sweep, Dust and Mop Regularly. If you see any wax build-up, sweep it off with a moist fiber broom.

Wipe up any spills immediately with a damp cloth.

For Do it Yourself Floor Waxing and Protection simply follow directions. Do not apply wax in excess. Swipe with a damp clean cloth.

If there are any embedded dirt, gently fluff the carpet pile or reinforce a small area.

Repair cracks in wood flooring. Apply car wax periodically, as directed by the specific flooring manufacturer.

Sweeping hardwood floors

For any lifting or fading, sand area before applying wax. Test the wax and moisture level of the product in an inconspicuous area. First, lightly rub surface with a clean dry cloth. Voila!Enjoy your wood flooring.

Floors should be swept regularly.

If the color of wood flooring is light, paint underneath with a water-proof urethane. Painters oil and paint can be used.

topical fences can be painted for wood floor.where the wood floor needs to be floored.

The wood floor and adjacent walls or columns should be thoroughly cleaned.

Let water run and make a careful inspection of wood floor prior to refinishing.

Look for cracks in floor or large splits in planks.

Repair any damaged planks.

Clean wood planks with a smooth damp cloth. Place a drop cloth over the surface of planks.

Maintain equal moisture content in all the boards that will be painted.

Always work in a well ventilated area especially if wood dust is involved.

Always protect your eyes with safety glasses. Use paints masks.

Tape the floor to keep from spreading mist over the floor and woodwork.

Wash and dry your tools, finish them to prep them for painting and allow drying time before painting.

Virgil Jordan

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