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Your homes ducts are one of the major places where most bacteria accumulate. This is also the house of allergens. This is why you need duct cleaning at least once a year. A thorough cleaning of the air duct helps you to get rid of these unwanted microbes and live a healthier and happier life.

As we know that, most of the residential and commercial building in Colorado Springs have HVAC, air conditioning or heating duct. As these are out of sight, we do not realize, how much polluted these get.

Air Duct Cleaning Methods

There are many methods of cleaning the air duct. Most of the methods that are used for cleaning are industry standard. At present, the following methods and tools are used for dryer vent cleaning Colorado Springs.

  • Air Sweep or Power Vacuum: This is the most expensive and meticulous cleaning method. This is best for the thorough cleaning of the air duct. In this method, a powerful vacuum cleaner is used to remove the deposited dirt and dust. Also, this machine works very carefully, so you are sure that your air duct is clean and safe.

  • Point of Contact: This method is very popular for mostly cleaning the household ducts. This is not as thorough as the air sweep method but it gets the job done quite efficiently. But still, it is safe for cleaning the vents and air ducts. Compared to the air sweep method, this is less expensive. In this method, a vacuum cleaner and spinning brush are used to the deposited dirt from the air duct.
  • Removing the Source: This is the most common cleaning method of all. This is less expensive than the other two and widely popular. With the help of mechanical agitation, the deposited dust and dirt are loosened up and next, the debris is removed and lastly, the extraction process helps in removing other deposited pollutants safely.

Why you need a professional air duct cleaner?

Air duct cleaning is not easy and you need a PROFESSIONAL! Yes, this is because, while cleaning the air duct by yourself, you might end up damaging it. Many sophisticated parts of the air duct need extreme care. As you are not a professional there is a high chance that you ruin it. And, dryer vent cleaning comes with many health hazards as well. Over continuous use, this can be a potential home for many unknown diseases. For this reason, it is better to be safe than sorry.

These are the most common methods of duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning has been in practice since the late 1900s. However, these techniques are comparatively new. Right now, the top duct cleaning companies Colorado Springs uses updated tools and machines for cleaning the duct. This is why we recommend you to hire a professional HVAC technician. This is because only then you can expect improved air quality in your home and office.…

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